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The place where you get access to the best logbook loans in the market. We specialize in getting you the most competitive rates, while also being totally transparent. What you see is what you get.
There is little to arguing the fact that loans can be real life savers. However, there are still certain aspects of these loans, irrespective of whether the lender is Barclays or any other major lender, which sour the taste in the mouth. The most commonly seen issues with ordinary loans involve exhaustive procedures, unnecessary paperwork, uncertainty, and high credit rating requirements, all of which can combine together to land you rejection after rejection. What we offer is a chance to leave it all behind.

What is a logbook loan?

A logbook loan is a readily available loan, which is obtained by putting your car as a collateral for money. In exchange for the amount you receive, you are to hand over your car’s logbook to the lending institution. This is where the name 'logbook' comes from. The amount you get, thus, directly depends on the estimated worth of your car. We have some of the leading experts in the market, whose job is to inspect your car before a formal offer is made.

How does it work?

The first thing you ought to do is go on our website and choose a logbook loan for yourself. Once you have set your heart upon one, all you have to do is fill in our simple online application and wait for a confirmation call where you will be given your free Logbook Quote. After you have received a confirmation call, we will set an appointment with you, where you will meet our car valuation experts. These individuals will assess your car to estimate its worth. Once they have an estimate, we offer you a high fraction of that value as loan. All that is left then is for you to confirm and collect the money immediately. It is this simple.

What do you need to get one?

The first and most obvious thing you need is a legally owned car. Since this loan revolves around putting your car as collateral, this is fairly obvious. However, there are a few requirements your car must meet. Firstly, there must no existing finances on the car. Any loan already taken out would mean that the car is already under debt, and thus, would make it ineligible for further mortgage. Secondly, the car must be fully insured. Even if it is not insured, you will not find it troubling to find an insurance company to have it done before you apply. Lastly, since our loans are decided for the public of the UK, the applicant must be a citizen of the UK.

What makes our loans one-off?

Firstly, obtaining these loans is extremely easy. While other loans require you to go through arduous procedures and paper work, these loans allow you the breathing space. There are no exhausting protocols, nor are you required to go through unnecessary details. It is a simple matter of putting your car as collateral and obtaining a loan.
Secondly, our loans disregard your credit history altogether. That’s right, got bad credit? It does not matter anymore. Bad credit tends to be a major hindrance in your pursuit of different loans, and play its part in deterring those with poor credit history. However, absence of this factor means that regardless of what you have to show for yourself, your chances are left unaffected.
Thirdly, we have the fact that these loans are near-guaranteed. If your car meets a very lenient criteria we have set, the loan is virtually guaranteed.
Lastly, another enticing feature of these loans is the speed. The time between your application and your acquisition of the loan could be a matter of hours. In between this time, all you have to do is arrange a meeting and wait. Nothing less, nothing more.

How do I decide whether I need one?

The first thing to consider is your credit history. Are you able to get any other loan that you want based on the credit rating that you have? Most people with poor credit rating turn towards our logbook loans because we are very lenient when it comes to assessing your creditworthiness. However, that does not mean those with good credit ratings do not need logbook loans. If you are tired of going through the hassle that ordinary loans put you through or just simply need a loan in a hurry, our logbook loans are just for you. Therefore, whether or not you need one depends on you and the situation you are in.

Would I lose my car if I miss a few payments?

The answer to this question is no. While it is true that we do have the legal right to seize your car, this right can only be and always is exercised in the gravest of situations. Therefore, until you are entirely broke and about to default, you need not worry about your car one bit. If you are in some sort of financial trouble and predict that you might fail to meet this month’s payments, the best thing to do is to be honest with us about the situation. This way we will be able to figure something that is mutually beneficial. We understand that you may be faced with unseen financial troubles and therefore, any decision that is made takes into account your position.

Why Mushroom Loans?

Logbook loans are one of the most easily accessible loans you can get your hands on. What we do here is add further ease. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market, eclipsing even what the likes of Varooma offer you, while also allowing you to obtain a big chunk of your car’s estimated cost as the loan. Add to this the unparalleled transparency and customer service we so boast and you have a perfect blend that screams convenience in all its aspects. We hold your hand from the start till the end and ensure that this experience of yours is worth remembering. No credit check, no delays, no arduous procedures, no rejections, and certainly, no complications.