What to do if you miss a payment or two

The idea that missing a few payment would distance you from your car couldn’t be further from the truth. With us, your car is as much yours as it was before you used it to secure your loan.
Financial difficulties do not knock before coming in. Taking this uncertainty factor into account, we make sure that we are understanding if you are faced with any sort of hurdle. If you hit a rough patch and expect to miss a payment or two, what you have to do is reach out to us and make yourself heard. Come to us, sit down with us, and fill us up with the situation. It is better to open up and let us know of your situation than to hide and keep missing payments.
We highly encourage you to discuss with us issues that might affect your ability to meet your obligations towards the logbook loan that you have taken from us. This way, we will be able to help you figure out a way, while also being able to reach agreement that is mutually beneficial.
Missing a payment or two will certainly not cause your car to slip from your grip but staying quiet about it might just make things worse. Therefore, open up.